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Enhancing the quality of your life through aesthetics and elegance

We design places that can exceed your expectations because of our enthusiasm for innovation and attention to detail. Our project portfolio features a wide variety of work, from elegant residential interiors to chic and practical commercial buildings. We take satisfaction in being able to combine creativity and functionality to produce designs that are true to your vision.

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Discover P’s design therapy, the leading interior design consultancy in Vadodara, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs. With expertise in stunning 3D models, exceptional interior design, project management, and more, we bring your vision to life. Whether residential, commercial, or hospitality projects, trust us to transform your space into something extraordinary. Explore our Services page now and partner with us to create inspiring environments that leave a lasting impression.


It is a feature that allows clients to see the project in advance and is accessible on both mobile devices and laptops.


In order to meet the varied needs of our business and residential clients, we also offer a variety of interior decoration. We imaginatively create the interiors while taking into account our clients' needs, demands, and financial limitations.


According to the requirements, it includes plans; front elevation; section; stair details; footing & reinforcement details; septic tank; etc.


The best interior design consulting service is what we have been able to provide. Our skilled personnel created the design as per the needs of the client. Additionally, we produce a successful outcome for our clients by utilizing modern methods.


Latest Projects

Welcome to the Projects page, your gateway to a captivating showcase of P’s Design Therapy team’s completed projects. Here, we proudly present our portfolio of innovative designs, accompanied by stunning pictures, concise descriptions, and convenient links to each project.

Immerse yourself in the world of interior and architectural excellence as you explore the diverse range of residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces we have transformed. Whether you’re seeking inspiration or simply curious about our design expertise, this curated collection offers a glimpse into our creative process and attention to detail. From breathtaking modern aesthetics to timeless classics, our Projects page is your source of inspiration for your own design endeavors.

Explore, admire, and discover the possibilities.

Meet our team

Do you know what makes us AWESOME? It’s not the turnaround time, designs, and communication. It’s the people that work here. They are really the core value of our ecosystem that makes P’s design therapy AWESOME.

rated #1 interior designer ps design therapy

Prayoshi Patel

Founder, Principal Designer

Prayoshi Patel is the founder and principal designer of the interior design firm P's design therapy. She is an enthusiast for design, and loves creating spaces with unique perspectives. She is an outgoing introvert who draws inspiration from history and nature and fervently believes in setting lofty goals for oneself.

rated #1 interior designer ps design therapy

Avani Panchal

Project Manager

Our projects at P's Design Therapy are successful because of Avani Panchal, our project manager. She ensures that each project functions smoothly from inception to completion by having a keen eye for detail and exceptional organisational skills. Her enthusiasm for creating inspiring spaces is the only thing that matches her commitment to completing projects on time and within budget.

How We work

In the beginning, we thoroughly analyze and comprehend the project’s scope, taking into account the client’s lifestyle, desired uses for the space, and financial constraints. This stage involves determining the preferences, likes, and dislikes of the customer. Based on this, we create a reasonable project budget.



At this point, we begin creating a distinctive vision for the project area. Before constructing the design theme and setting the mood, we first choose the party or the overarching principle that will guide the entire area. Based on this, the finalized color, material, and texture combinations were chosen. Now, the first conceptual drawings.



This phase begins with creating a precise floor plan. A thorough layout of the area that contains information on the dimensions. Cad drawings for the space's plans and elevations. At this point, decisions are made on the precise distribution of space, the size and style of the furniture, and the placement of all the accessories.


Procure & Execute

To fulfill the deadlines, we now begin choosing the agencies and creating a workflow timetable. The buying of materials has begun. Additionally, coordination with vendors is done to ensure efficient workflow. Site visits are a way to guarantee good design implementation. The final step involves placing décor pieces to give the room its final polish.

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We have created an army that makes us proud. Don’t believe us, hear it yourself. You’ll get what you need.

Prayoshi is incredibly talented in the field of interior design! I had a wonderful experience working with her, particularly the way she handled designing my home as though it were her own. From being physically present to monitor the development to being easily accessible when most required!! Her initial sketches for the designs were so tasteful that I didn't have many options for rejection. Additionally, the project's pricing was reasonable and within my budget.

rated #1 interior designer ps design therapy
Yogendra Bhai Patel Owner, A Minimalist Home

I adored the work in every way. In my opinion, everybody should try working with them. Because of the team's professionalism, the overall experience was fantastic. The nicest thing is that they gave us the best home available because they completely understood our needs and spending limit. We were pleased with the faultless execution, prompt client engagement, and successful completion of the assignment. Thank you and your team for their help and coordination. Wishing you luck on your upcoming initiatives.

rated #1 interior designer ps design therapy
Jay Barot Owner, Kalyan Imperia

The entire interior design team has done truly amazing work. They addressed all our needs and vision for functionality to achieve our goal of a dream home. Working with a team that is professional, competent, diligent, quick to respond, encouraging, and, on top of that, accommodating in nature, was a terrific experience for us. We would wholeheartedly recommend them.

rated #1 interior designer ps design therapy
Mr. & Mrs. Joshi Owner, The Pastel Habitat

Prayoshi is a wonderful person to work with! She is a creative and versatile designer. She can produce stunning minimal designs since she has an eye for details. I wanted to make use of my space so that it contained all the necessary components while also leaving plenty of room to breathe. She has masterfully catered to my fascination with the hues of black and white. I wholeheartedly encourage others to consult P's design therapy since they can handle every need while maintaining the budget!

rated #1 interior designer ps design therapy
Jainish Soni Co-Founder, RiffScript

Very wonderful and attractive designs by Prayoshi and Arpish. I am very impressed with their planning, they have completed the interior of my whole house in just one month. I hired an interior designer for the first time in my life, and it really paid off. They have a very well-trained professional staff. I must recommend them. If anyone wants to convert their home into a dream home, they must appoint them.

rated #1 interior designer ps design therapy
Dharav and Namrata Joshi Owner, Kalyan Unit 66-67

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Continue reading to learn more about P’s design therapy. We are the top interior designers in Vadodara, committed to making your dream project a reality.

Prayoshi Patel

    The art and science of upgrading a building’s interior to provide a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for those using the area are known as interior design.

    Designed by RiffScript

    Copyright © 2024. All rights reserved.

    The art and science of upgrading a building’s interior to provide a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for those using the area are known as interior design.

    Designed by RiffScript

    Copyright © 2024. All rights reserved.

    The art and science of upgrading a building’s interior to provide a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for those using the area are known as interior design.

    Designed by RiffScript

    Copyright © 2024. All rights reserved.